Monday, September 29, 2008

There's always room for ... more Happy Meal toys!

"Choose your ride; choose your side."
So say the TV spots for Lego's just-released "Batman: The Videogame." And with a big release like this, of course you get the toy factor, too. Just lookie what a Metro Atlanta traffic jam led BRBTV to one morning last week? Who would've thought that a stopoff for one of those fab McDonald's iced coffees would introduce us to these cute little critters?
"Robin Grappling Hook" and "The Joker Surprise" are No. 7 and 8, respectively, in this set of Happy Meal toys. Each one bears a code on the back that you can enter in the game to get special cheats. The Clown Prince of Crime's "surprise" is a Harley Quinn-stickered box with a lever that releases a punching fist, while our faithful ole chum has a button that shoots that grappler.
BRBTV made an attempt to secure all eight toys at this iced coffee stop, but alas ... since there are a total of about three fast-food workers in Metro Atlanta who actually speak English, it was not to be ... Maybe next time ...
Read more about the toys at McDonald's official site, and sneak a peek at the game here and here.
Despite already nearing critical mass for toys in the BRBTV Batden ... yea, we're lovin' it.

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