Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jason Marsden knows the combination of "Locker 13"

OK, let's just start out by saying that Jason Marsden is not James Marsden. He's the adorable and obnoxious guy who dated Dana on ABC's "Step By Step," not Cyclops of the "X-Men" movie franchise. And let's just get another thing straight -- the two are not brothers. They're not even related, at least by blood. They are, on the other hand, good friends.

Having said that, what does Jason Marsden -- the real, honest-to-goodness, former-member-of-TGIF Jason Marsden -- mean to us? For one thing, he's done a whole lotta TV in his mere 33 years (such a pup!). He's also done quite a lot of BRBTV.

Spunky Spencer on the "Batman: The Animated Series" episode "Baby-Doll." The teen Clark Kent in the ensuing "Superman" animated series. Donny Grasso in the "Batman Beyond" episode "Hooked Up." Snapper Carr on the further animated spinoff "Justice League." Even the role of Firefly in the newer "The Batman." Plus, a lot-o Disney stuff over the years. He is part of the family, after all.

But more importantly, what is Jason Marsden doing lately? Well, "Locker 13," actually. And he even helped write the screenplay for this seven-vignette anthology film.

Drawing on Jon Polito, "Silver Spoons" alum Rick Schroder, "Moonlighting" star Curtis Armstrong (who also did a voice on "Batman Beyond") and Tatyana Ali, "Locker 13" connects the seven stories to a mysterious locker 13. Schroder will share directing responsibilities, along with Marsden.

Learn more about the film at its official site.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: We reported over a month ago about A Martinez' new role on "One Life to Live." Zap2It and the Brantford Expositor have a little more on that. Our former Cruz Castillo of "Santa Barbara" begins his new role tomorrow.

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