Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bits 'n' Pieces: Doctor, dancer, dastardly villains!

Vincent Irizarry: Delving into more daytime

Just about as soon as he left his role as David Chow on "The Young and the Restless," Vincent Irizarry, our own Dr. Scott Clark on "Santa Barbara," has a new daytime soap gig. The Brantford Expositor reports on his return to a role he played on ABC's "All My Children," Dr. David Hayward (what's all this doctor stuff?) during the fall season. Irizarry is included in ABC's special "AMC" promo commercials this week.

Susan Lucci: Busy, busy, busy

Sigh ... a primetime reality-show gig on top of a longtime daytime soaps gig. Such is the tragic life of Irizarry's castmate Susan Lucci, our own Hillary Taylor / Sheila Foley of "Dallas." She tells Carolyn Hinsey of the New York Daily News: "I will have to fly out to L.A. every Saturday for fittings and rehearsals for 'Dancing With the Stars.' I'll have the two shows on Monday and Tuesday, and then fly back to New York City on Tuesday night to tape 'All My Children' Wednesday, Thursday and Friday." Oh, the humanity!

Joan Collins: The play's the thing

The Connecticut Post sheds a little light on Joan Collins and her one-woman show, as well as her career in general. "We were very successful and had very big ratings," she says of "Dynasty," where she was, of course, Alexis Carrington Colby whatever, "but the ABC brass always hated the show ... one executive once said 'Dynasty' is like a witch ... we'll have to put a stake through its heart to get rid of it.'" Collins is also taking on a new project in the latest Miss Marple series. The U.K.'s Daily Mail has more.

We had to laugh

That Zachary Quinto. Not only is he wonderfully dastardly as the villain Sylar on NBC's "Heroes," and not only is he absolutely beyond smashing as the young Spock in the early press photos in next year's "Star Trek" prequel movie, but he's oh-so quick with the ready answer. The TV Guide Channel spoke with Quinto at the premiere party for "Heroes," as the question "Who shot Nathan Petrelli" hung in the air. "I think J.R. Ewing did it," he quipped. So cute.

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