Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Linda Gray is "Expecting Mary"

Linda Gray, our own Sue Ellen Ewing of "Dallas," has a new movie coming out this fall, "Expecting Mary."

In the film, written and directed by Dan Gordon, Gray shares the screen with a great cast: Elliott Gould, Cloris Leachman, Della Reese, Cybill Shepherd, Gene Simmons, Fred Willard. The movie, from WonderStar Productions, opens on September 10, her official website tells us, and has special screenings at select spots in the next few weeks, beginning tonight in New York City.

“Expecting Mary is the story of a young girl, who's had all the trappings of an upscale life," according to Gordon’s post at the IMDb page, "but it's only when she finds herself in a small New Mexico town, in a downtrodden trailer park, that she learns the real meaning of love, sacrifice and family.”

Gray plays a former Vegas showgirl “whose last gig was in New Mexico,” she told “She’s funny and pathetic – and still can be glamorous.”

See her in an interview for the film at

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