Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spotted: Ted Shackelford and Joan Van Ark

When BRBTV interviewed Joan Van Ark for the "Destination: Dallas" reference guide, she mentioned starring with Ted Shackelford in a classic episode of "Wonder Woman." Indeed, the episode was "Time Bomb," first airing on November 10, 1978, about a year before Van Ark and Shackelford played Valene and Gary Ewing at Southfork Ranch, but just a couple months after Van Ark made her debut on "Dallas," playing opposite Dan Ackroyd at that point.

And just as Gary and Valene were sometimes on, sometimes off in "Dallas," this "Wonder Woman" episode starts them out as civil colleagues before things go bad. The time is November 2155. She's a historian, and he's a scientist. She decides she wants to get more hands-on knowledge of this highly intriguing 1970s era she's been studying through their time portal. She uses the portal to trip back to November 1978 and make her fortune via the rare energy source cabrium-90 (which looks amazingly like clear quartz!).

Shackelford's character Adam Clement (ironic, a bit, don'tcha think, given Valene's maiden name of Clements?) is right behind her, enlisting the aid of Diana Prince at the IADC to try to stop Van Ark's Cassandra from altering the future. This silver-suited (why do all the aliens wear silver suits on '70s television?) gentleman is a man of peace, like Gary Ewing, but with a much stronger stance. He also becomes quite smitten with Wonder Woman, as many male guest stars do! Since it's the second appearance on the series for Shackelford, we'll remind ya that he did the same thing in the other episode!

Van Ark, meanwhile, has the same sweet, honey-blond hair as Valene Ewing, but with a deliciously evil glint in her eye. She's in control every moment as she's blackmailing corporate execs and cutting deals -- why, J.R. would've been proud!

Enjoy the full BRBTV synopses of this and the other "Wonder Woman" episodes at the IMDb.

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