Friday, August 27, 2010

TGIF Toys: Dominoed Daredoll

If you caught that reference in the headline, then perhaps you're a hard-core Batgirl fan from decades ago. And we're talking the pure, only Batgirl ... Ms. Barbara Gordon, sometime librarian, sometime Congresswoman, all-time heroine, who was courageous enough to beat down Killer Moth in her inaugural outing in the comics back in the late '60s. This beautiful, hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain bust, part of a series of "Women of the DC Universe," is designed by chick comics artist Amanda Conner and sculpted by Jack Mathews. Ours is No. 1194 out of 5000, and was a gift from our buddy Mike in Detroit, a true friend. The sculpture comes from DC Direct, and the set also includes Hippolyta as Wonder Woman, Raven and Catwoman. And this Batgirl, perched at a Gotham gargoyle, doing the "Batusi"? More stunning than we can describe. Good thing a picture says a thousand words.

Photo by Billie Rae Bates / BRBTV

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