Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spotted: Lee Bergere and Joel Fabiani

You wouldn't know him by sight, but you'd surely recognize his voice: Mr. Lee Bergere, our own Joseph Aynders, long-suffering Carrington butler on "Dynasty." And at the other end of the strings he's pulling, ironically: a rather-fit Joel Fabiani, his "Dynasty" castmate as King Galen of Moldavia, as well as Alex Ward of "Dallas" and a bunch of other soaps roles over the years! The two are embroiled in a plot to kill an industrialist, along with a government agent or two (and the industrialist, to take this scenario a little further, is George Chakiris, who portrayed Nicholas, nervous associate to Angelica Nero in the Dream Season of "Dallas").

The classic TV show we're talking about, of course, is "Wonder Woman," and the episode is the second season's "Death in Disguise."

Bergere and Fabiani surely are death in disguise, as if Bergere's dark hair and thick moustache aren't enough indication! Though he gets little screen time in this 1978 outing, as the powerful Marius he shows himself commanding and reserved, three years before assuming his subservient post at the Carrington mansion. For his part, Fabiani is calmer and less flamboyant than Galen as the infamous hitman Woodward Nightingale, supervisor to thugs! The two have an unholy alliance that is, of course, no match for Wonder Woman.

See it for yourself at the WB, and read BRBTV synopses for this and the other "Wonder Woman" episodes at the IMDb.

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