Monday, August 23, 2010

Spotted: Nicolas Coster

"Don't bother me now, Henry," he emits with an aristocratic air as his very first line. No, this is not a '80s episode of our beloved soap "Santa Barbara"; it's a '70s episode of "Wonder Woman," featuring Nicolas Coster.

In this outing, he's Silas Lockhart, a man of darker, fluffier hair than our Lionel Lockridge, along with shaded spectacles -- and motives that are just as dark and shady. He's clearly the bad guy in this November 1978 story, a real estate developer in three-piece suits who kidnaps a specially trained dolphin to place an explosive on a crude-oil supertanker and cause an oil spill that will threaten coastal land (ya get all that?).

My, my, what an evil plot, Mr. Coster! We're thankful Lionel was much more cultured and far less crude!

Read more about the episode, called "The Deadly Dolpin," as well as the full BRBTV synopsis, at the IMDb.

And catch Coster, by the way, in an interview on BlogTalkRadio on his new role in this fall's web soap "The Bay." The delightful Coster chats about Facebook, "SB" and which of his castmates he keeps in contact with, his work with Lawrence Olivier, as well as the genesis of his involvement with this web series. "Gregori writes quickly and well," he comments about the creator of the "The Bay," Gregori J. Martin, who is crafting the show on a low budget without many retakes and cuts. "We're going to be a lot more close to a reality show than one would wish. But that provides some spark."

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