Monday, January 28, 2013

Catch the latest for Robin Wright, Jon Lindstrom, new "Dallas"

Robin Wright, our original Kelly Capwell of "Santa Barbara" is about to debut as the wife of a shrewd, powerful politician played by Kevin Spacey in "House of Cards." This Friday you'll get your chance to catch the premiere of the series' on Netflix.

Wright's "SB" castmate Jon Lindstrom portrayed the creepy rapist doctor, Mark McCormick. Lindstrom has a couple movie projects kicking around this year, "How He Got Away With It" and "The Redeemer," but if you watch "General Hospital" this Wednesday, you'll see him make his grand return to the Kevin Collins character. (Or is it the evil twin Ryan Chamberlain?) It's part of the 50th anniversary celebration for "GH."

And if you're eagerly awaiting today's start of the second season of the new "Dallas" like the rest of us are, particularly in the wake of the death of the show's patriarch, you can read more about what the season has in store in this week's TV Guide. Cathy Podewell is back as Cally, which is big enough news, and us diehard fans are getting some other great classic "Dallas" stars back for the funeral of J.R., which will follow a storyline to rival "Who Shot J.R." back in the early '80s, a fitting tribute to the king, Larry Hagman.

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