Monday, January 07, 2013

"DeVanity" delivers up fresh interviews with Maxwell Caulfield, Charlene Tilton and Gordon Thomson

We've already told you on this blog about the web series that will be featuring three stars of the TV shows covered by BRBTV: Maxwell Caulfield of "Dynasty" / "The Colbys," Charlene Tilton of "Dallas" and Gordon Thomson of "Dynasty" and "Santa Barbara." The producers of this series, "DeVanity," now have some delish new interviews with those stars on the official show site. Yummy.

Maxwell Caulfield (lookin' heckin' good; seriously -- and commenting on the comparison of "DeVanity" to "Dynasty")

Charlene Tilton (with luscious dark locks, speculating that "DeVanity" may be more over-the-top than "Dallas"; we say heck-ya it is!)

Gordon Thomson (reflecting his sincerity and intelligence and certainly who he is really is, even recognizing the talent of his interviewer -- you go, guy)

"DeVanity" deals up its third season on Thursday.

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