Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hollywood Show deals up Bo Hopkins, Pamela Sue Martin and Maxwell Caulfield

If you remember the episode of our beloved "Wonder Woman" starring Leif Garrett, playing a true-to-life teen singing sensation, then you remember the precocious little character Whitney, Garrett's real-life sister Dawn Lyn. Her appearance in that 1978 episode, "My Teenage Idol is Missing," showed acting chops beyond her young years. Now you've got your chance to meet Dawn Lyn and a bevy of other great stars of classic TV at the next Hollywood Show.

Bo Hopkins, our own Matthew Blaisdel of "Dynasty," joins the offerings of the show, happening January 11-13, as well as his costar Pamela Sue Martin, the original Fallon Carrington, and Maxwell Caulfield, who was Miles Colby. Plus, there's Greg Evigan of "B.J. and the Bear," who played Willie Gust on "Dallas." William Schallert, who was Roger Wainwright on "Santa Barbara." Lori Petty, the voice of Livewire on "Superman: The Animated Series." Add in some Tanya Roberts, Parker Stevenson, Jimmy McNichol and Piper Laurie. And Robert Conrad of "The Wild Wild West"? Major meow, man.

Behold the beautiful guest list and all the details at the Hollywood Show's site.

Oh, and Happy New Year!!! Here's to a blessed 2013 for every person reading this ...

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