Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spotted: Pamela Sue Martin, Al Corley, Ian McShane

Bro and sis in the same movie, right after their time on "Dynasty"? Well, yes, though they don't really interact with each other during the film (they do share scenes, however).

The movie is 1985's "Torchlight," and Pamela Sue Martin did the writing for this one, as well as starring in it as Lillian Weller. Her "Dynasty" brother, Al Corley, plays an actor (ironically) named Al (well, that's an "ironically," too). The story focuses on a young couple, from the moment when they meet and marry through turbulent times together as he gets caught in the downward spiral of cocaine addiction. Steve Railsback is Martin's very interesting husband Jake in this one, while Corley plays Jake's friend.

Ian McShane, whom we know as Don Lockwood on original "Dallas," is almost unrecognizable as Sidney (really -- how on earth did they change his color like that?), the "consultant" who hooks Jake into the drug scene. He's grimy and sleazy but suave. Martin, meanwhile, is rather the victim. No Fallon Carrington bite here -- just a young wife becoming increasingly disillusioned and frustrated by the change in her husband.

There's a message amid the action here, and we appreciate it, having been students for many years of the nature of addiction and its grip on our society as a whole. Overall, though we can't quite figure out what Railsback was hoping to accomplish with his approach, we appreciated this viewing overall. Thanks to our bud Tracy for the VHS copy! Yes, we still use a VCR! At times!

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