Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spotted: Andrew Stevens, John Saxon, Juliet Mills and more

The subject is 1976's "Once an Eagle," and like so many other TV miniseries of its era, it serves up a delicious buffet of classic stars. Sam Elliott in the lead role  of Sam Damon -- so handsome as a young soldier in World War I then as a seasoned veteran in World War II -- is alone enough reason to watch. But here you also get David Wayne, one of the Digger Barneses of early "Dallas," as a graying doctor, so fatherly toward the wife of Elliott's character. Wayne's "Dallas" co-stars William Windom (Amos Krebbs) and Andrew Stevens (Casey Denault) also pop up, the former as a military officer bearing bad news and the latter as the idealistic son of Elliott's character. This miniseries aired just a couple years before "Dallas" debuted.

Switch over to our "Dynasty" stars and add in John Saxon (also a guest star on "Wonder Woman" in the '70s) as a stern captain who taunts Elliott's Damon. Juliet Mills, who showed up as Alexis' cuz Rosalind Bedford in "Dynasty," plays a youngish blond war nurse here, who has her own special way of nursing the wounded (and married) Sam Damon.

Kim Hunter, Albert Salmi, Patti D'Arbanville, James Cromwell ... it's great classic TV viewing. Our thanks to Tracy for the Christmas gift of this DVD set!

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