Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"Dynasty" stars reminisce -- promoting their upcoming reminiscing!

"Entertainment Tonight" keeps cranking out the delightful coverage of the upcoming "Dynasty" reunion. In yesterday's broadcast, they included some clips and notable quotes from the stars of the show.

Gordon Thomson, for instance, talked about the sometimes bizarre writing on the show: "We had Fallon being abducted by aliens," he said. "What an insane, asinine idea. And they wouldn't let it go!"

In an older clip thrown in with mentions of the reunion's filming earlier in the day, John Forsythe said of the show, "The dresses were gorgeous. The sets were marvelous. The actors were just perfect."

Joan Collins commented on her first impressions of the show, which went on the air in 1981: "I came over from England to do what I thought was just a one-season show. I never thought it would go as long as it did." She went on, "I think it's fairy-tale-ish. It's fantasy. It's what television should be."

"ET" continues its coverage of the upcoming "Dynasty Reunion: Catfights and Caviar" special with today's broadcast, which will feature an interview with Pamela Sue Martin.

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