Monday, April 03, 2006

John James' movie to be released this summer

The latest on "Illegal Aliens," a film executive-produced by "Dynasty" alum John James, who also has a role in the film, is that it's scheduled for a summer 2006 release. The movie, directed by David Giancola and written by Ben Coello, also stars former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith. On its official website, Giancola's production company, Edgewood Studios, is reporting a "media frenzy" at the March 1 New York City screening of the film: James was in attendance at the screening of the 15-minute reel, intended to find distributors for the film. (Of course, most or all of the "frenzy" could have stemmed from the possibility of an appearance by Smith, who's been facing highly publicized court dates lately regarding her deceased husband's estate.)

The film's plotline from the IMDb:
"'Charlie's Angels' goes sci-fi, with a touch of 'Men In Black' thrown in for good measure, when three aliens morph into super-hot babes and arrive to protect the earth from the intergalactic forces of evil. Guided by Syntax, their holographic mentor, these illegal aliens are willing to use every trick in the book and every sexy outfit in their wardrobe to accomplish their mission! This film is filled with high-energy action, lowbrow spoofs and the high-camp acting reminiscent of the classic B-Movie genre how else could this film get away with Anna Nicole Smith saving the world? 'Illegal Aliens' pokes fun at today's Hollywood and pays tribute to the so-called 'bad movies' we all love to hate!"

Smith is also credited as a producer of the film. James' children, Laura and Phillip, assisted on the set.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: John Forsythe appears on today's episode of "Entertainment Tonight," talking "Dynasty" reunion!


Anonymous said...

Actually it was Joanie "Chyna" Laurer (the co star) who promoted it on Howard Stern and caused the media frenzy. It had little to do with Anna Nicole. said...

Thanks for the input.