Monday, April 10, 2006

Tracy Scoggins meets "Mr. Hell"

"Evil has a new face" ... Hmmm ... Our alum of "Dynasty," "The Colbys" (Monica Colby) and the "Dallas" reunion movies (Anita Smithfield), Tracy Scoggins, has two 2006 movie projects. We'll tell ya about one today and one tomorrow (because the second project has another BRBTV actress thrown in !).

"Mr. Hell" is a horror flick that releases on April 18. Scoggins gets great billing in the movie's poster for her role as Dominique Horney (hey, don't ask -- we're not sure). The plot line from the IMDb:

"Fourteen years ago, Dr. Karl Matthews, head of Government Biolab 83, is savagely murdered by ancient soul-taker, Mr. Hell. Today, Dr. Matthews' daughter, Tyler, has returned to the scene of her father's death. Unknown to Tyler, Mr. Hell has also returned. To complicate this house of horrors, a group of mercenaries has invaded the lab to steal a deadly vial of bacterium. Many will soon suffer grisly deaths, along with having their eyes (the windows to the soul) harvested by Mr. Hell."

The film is directed by Rob McKinnon and written by Jack Rhodes and David Carren. You can see Scoggins in the movie's trailer at:

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