Thursday, October 25, 2007

Catherine Oxenberg in "Starship Troopers: Marauder"

Next up for our lovely original Amanda Carrington of "Dynasty," Ms. Catherine Oxenberg, is yet another project with her husband, Casper Van Dien: "Starship Troopers: Marauder." Oxenberg's role is small in this one, but she joins a nice cast that includes Jolene Blalock, the reluctantly sultry Sub-Commander T'Pol of "Star Trek: Enterprise." Amanda Donohoe also stars.

The film, written and directed by Edward Neumeier, is the third installment in the "Starship Troopers" franchise that began in 1997.

Catch another little tidbit about the film here:

Plus you can grab some fun news and interviews, along with cast photos, at this fan site:

BRBTV News Blog Blip: In the "Batman: The Animated Series" realm, meanwhile, the voice of our beloved Harley Quinn, Arleen Sorkin, lost her father last week. Irving Sorkin, 88, was a dentist who had Hollywood dreams -- and made them come true. Learn more in this story from the L.A. Times.

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