Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Congratulations to Jon Holland, newest "Dukes" author

We've gotta tell ya a story ... A couple-a years ago, while BRB was still researching her "Dukes of Hazzard" reference guide, "Them Dukes! Them Dukes!", she happened upon a friendly Bo Duke-lookalike in the sweet little town of Covington, Georgia -- birthplace of "The Dukes"! As they got to chatting, she realized just how much this guy knew about "The Dukes," particularly the original filming sites in Georgia. Well, Jon told her about his own "Dukes" book that he'd been working on for quite a few years already, at the time, and he even helped BRB out on some of her own "Dukes" research for "Them Dukes! Them Dukes!"

BRB knows what a mountain of work Jon has put into his own final product -- just released through BookSurge Publishing and its parent company, Amazon.com. So with that sentiment, BRBTV offers its congratulations to Jon Holland, proprietor of the Hazzard County Car Club and the DukesofHazzard01 site, for authoring "The Roads Back to Early Hazzard."

Jon calls this "A history of the people, the cars and the area that brought Hazzard County to life," and BRBTV has gotten an idea, over the past couple years, at the massive amount of photos and information Jon was packing into this compendium focusing on the first five "Dukes" episodes. With multiple trips to Covington and the surrounds and lots of phone calls and visits, Jon has compiled all kinds of exclusive photos and tidbits. For the casual "Dukes" fans, it's great. For the hard-core "Dukes" fan, this book is drillin' down deep. If ever there was a "Dukes historian" (as CMT labeled him on its "Inside Fame" special on "The Dukes") it would definitely have to be Jon Holland.

"The Roads Back to Early Hazzard" is 170 pages softcover and sells for $14.95 on Amazon.

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