Monday, October 22, 2007

Mark Arnold: From "Phoenix Lights" to "Deadly Sins"

Mark Arnold had some heavy shoes to fill on "Santa Barbara" (at least in our opinion -- we loved Dane Witherspoon!). In 1984, he had to take over as the second Joe Perkins, one half of the desperately-in-love, hot young couple of this then-fledgling daytime soap. And hey, he did what he could (read: we missed Witherspoon!). But what's Mark Arnold up to nowadays?

Quite a few projects, it turns out. Arnold has taken breaks from acting here and there over the years, but he's got some good stuff going on. In "Phoenix Lights: The Movie," for instance, which is currently filming and scheduled for release next year, he plays a character named Dr. Katz. It's directed by Ajax McKenzie and written by Lorri Amsden and Dave Gist.

"Fast Girl" also stars Caroline Rhea of ABC's "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." Arnold is a team scout in this one. It's a family film directed by Daniel Zirilli and written by D. Glase Lomond and Aaron Harvey, releasing this year.

"Deadly Sins" is written by, directed by and starring Gregory Christian. Arnold plays Moroni. Christian's own summary of the film: "Welcome to Little Italy, a mystical land where Gypsies coexist with Mobsters in a congenial infelicity that riddles the streets. Meet Michael Mancini: The Don's favorite nephew, his lovely but barren wife and the lengths they will go to on their climb to the top. Let the games begin." Anne Lockhart also stars.

And finally, Arnold appears in next year's "Jack Rio." The plotline from the IMDb: "Following the dark journey of a famed TV star trying to get out the the shadow of his onscreen persona, while a serial killer runs rampant throughout the city of Los Angeles." Sean Kanan of ABC's "General Hospital" also stars.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: We have a date for the next "Dallas" DVD set. Pamela, administrator at the Ultimate Dallas site, reports that February 12, 2008 is the date.

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