Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crime doesn't pay -- but does watching "Dynasty" pay?

L.B., is that you??????????

No, it's not our lovable Carrington-Colby progeny of "Dynasty"; it's just some two-bit criminal scammin' on his name! Randall Smith, who at 34 is a few years older than Little Blake would be right now, stole the identity of an elderly couple, actually, and used it to scam some cash out of various banks in England. About 36,000 pounds worth, actually.

Blake Carrington Colby is just one of 12 aliases Smith used in his crime spree. Geesh ...

Read more about this crazy stuff at the Blackpool Gazette:

OK, that's all for today, and BRB is heading over to the scene of the Hillbilly Woodstock 2 Cruise, which landed in Covington, Georgia, this afternoon .... catch photos right here on this very blog tomorrow ....

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