Monday, October 08, 2007

Patrick Duffy returns to "The Bold and the Beautiful"

Last year, Patrick Duffy, our own handsome Bobby Ewing of "Dallas" did a several-week stint as Stephen Logan Sr. on CBS' "The Bold and the Beautiful." This was a rare foray into the daytime soaps world for the actor. Well, he's about to revisit that. is reporting that Duffy will return to the role on Friday, November 5.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" seems to be a refuge for "Dallas" stars. Linda Gray, our own Sue Ellen Ewing, played Priscilla Kelly on "B&B" in 2004-2005. Lesley Anne-Down, who showed up on "Dallas" for a season as PR guru Stephanie Rogers, has been Jackie Payne Marone on the show since 2003. Then there's Susan Flannery, the platinum-tressed Leslie Stewart on "Dallas," who has played Stephanie Douglas Forrester on the soap for a full 20 years, since the show's beginning! Yowza. In fact, it's the latter (the former Leslie Stewart!) whom Duffy's character is going to be going head-to-head with when he returns to "B&B." Bobby vs. Leslie ... hmmm ... works!

And while we're talking soap associations, Jack Wagner, who was the second Warren Lockridge on our beloved "Santa Barbara," has been Nick Payne Marone on "B&B" since 2003. Sydney Penny, his on-screen wife B.J., played Sam Kelly on "B&B." Joseph Campanella, who was Hutch Corrigan on "The Colbys" and Joseph Lombardi on "Dallas," played Jonathan Young on "B&B" for nearly 10 years. Henry Darrow, who was Rafael Castillo on "SB," played Dr. Carlos Nunez. And Eileen Davidson, who was the final Kelly Capwell on "SB," has crossed over as Ashley Suzanne Abbott from sister show "The Young and the Restless."

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