Friday, November 02, 2007

Adrian Paul stars in new Sci Fi movie

The next classic TV star saddling up to Sci Fi Channel's unstoppable Saturday-night creature feature is Adrian Paul, known to us as Kolya / Nikolai Rostov of the "Dynasty" spinoff, "The Colbys."

Paul takes the lead role in "Captain Drake," described as a "pirate-themed fantasy-action movie." As Sir Francis Drake, he tries to find the Tree of Life to save his daughter, encountering lots of scary stuff along the way, including the feature's creature, some sea monsters.

Directed by David Flores and written by Rafael Jordan, "Captain Drake" is filming on location in the Black Sea and eastern Europe and is due late next year, according to Reuters and the Hollywood Reporter.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: The newest tree hugger ... Sue Ellen Ewing! Or, more specifically, her portrayer, Linda Gray! Our "Dallas" star has had an interest in environmental issues in the past, and yesterday she showed up to support the Gloucestershire 1000 tree planting campaign in the U.K., reports

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