Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A couple "Dallas" and "Dynasty" nuggets

"I'm a little bit DA-LLAS ... I'm a little bit DY-NASTY ..."

(Sorry, we were so enraptured by Oprah's Osmond family reunion on Friday, we've had Osmonds on the brain ...)

Whether you're a little bit "Dallas" or a little bit "Dynasty" or, like many of us, a lot of both, we've got something for you to enjoy today.

First up, amid rumors of a third "Dallas" reunion movie for TV, the Ultimate Dallas site has formulated a petition to ensure it happens:
(Can you believe Margaret Krebbs would be 20 years old right now? When we read the suggested plotline for the TV reunion, we did a double-take!)

Then, we've got just a yummy little tidbit for "Dynasty" ... a tribute, of sorts, in the catfight that singer Kylie Minogue had with her sister:

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