Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Batman: Gotham Knight" gets a release date

We told you in our January 15 post about "Batman: Gotham Knight," a new animated feature in the same vein as "Batman: The Animated Series." Yesterday, Warner Home Video announced a July 8 release date for the collection of six "Batman" vignettes, for Blu-Ray, pay-per-view, OnDemand, and for download.

Our own Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett of "Batman: TAS" are part of the creative team, along with comics heavyweights David S. Goyer and Greg Rucka, himself a longtime "Bat"-comics guy and novelist. It all sounds like a whole lotta fun.

Read a little more about the release, including its special features like a sneak peek at the upcoming "Wonder Woman" animated movie, at Toon Zone.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Alexis Carrington telling her daughter Fallon she's got a big mouth and one of the many (many!) times J.R. Ewing insulted Ray Krebbs are two of the big TV-character insults mentioned in a list compiled by British TV critic John Naughton. You can read about those fabbo "Dynasty" and "Dallas" moments, along with a bevy of other classic putdowns, at

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