Thursday, February 14, 2008

BarBara -- that's Luna to you!

BRBTV had the pleasure of meeting BarBara Luna (yes, that second capital B is correct) at last year's Motor City Comic Con in Metro Detroit while researching the "Destination: Dallas" book. Besides being immortalized as a "Star Trek" babe (Lt. Marlena Moreau of the truly fab original episode "Mirror, Mirror"), Luna has the distinction of being part of the lore that is "Dallas," as well. Later in the series, she portrayed Carmen Esperanza, the not-so-loving sister-in-law of J.R.'s nemesis LeeAnn de la Vega. (And the lovely actress told us she likes to be called simply Luna, by the way.)

Luna's going to be out and about in 2008, meeting and greeting fans, in a couple spots. Coming up in a week or so she'll be at WonderCon, at the Moscone Center South, 747 Howard Street in San Francisco. The dates for that date, so to speak, are February 22 to 24. Find out more about WonderCon, which, of course, will feature all the usual comics-related suspects (including Bruce Timm of "Batman: The Animated Series," et. al) at the WonderCon site.

Her other date for 2008 scheduled so far is at JumpCon in Boston, July 18-20. Find out more at the JumpCon site. And JumpCon will feature some other BRBTV faces: Tracy Scoggins of "Dynasty" and "The Colbys" will be there. Richard Herd, who played Jim Ellison on "Dynasty" in 1986 and John Mackey on "Dallas" in 1981, too. Plus James Horan, who played Maxwell Allen on "Dynasty" in 1984. Rock out!

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