Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Camille Marchetta hits the virtual book circuit

In a true tribute to modern technology and the fabulous Internet age that we live in, Camille Marchetta, whom "Dallas" and "Dynasty" fans know as one of the shows' talented scribes, has embarked on a virtual book tour. You might recall Marchetta's latest novel is "The River, By Moonlight" (see the September 20 post of this blog). To promote that book, here are the stops on her tour ...

Feb. 1 - Fiction Scribe http://www.fictionscribe.com/ (interview)
Feb. 4 - Book Marketing Buzz http://www.bookmarketingbuzz.wordpress.com/ (interview)
Feb. 5 - The Story Behind the Book http://www.thestorybehindthebook.wordpress.com/ (guest post)
Feb. 6 - American Chronicle http://www.americanchronicle.com/
Feb. 7 - J. Kaye's Book Blog http://www.j-kaye-book-blog.blogspot.com/ (review)
Feb. 8 - The Book Connection http://www.thebookconnectionccm.blogspot.com/ (guest post)
Feb. 11 - Virtual Wordsmith http://www.virtualwordsmith.blogspot.com/ (review)
Feb. 12 - The Writer's Life http://www.thewriterslife.blogspot.com/ (interview)
Feb. 13 - Beyond the Books http://www.beyondthebooks.wordpress.com/ (interview)
Feb. 14 - Virtual Wordsmith http://www.virtualwordsmith.blogspot.com/ (interview)
Feb. 15 - Storycrafters http://www.storycrafters.blogspot.com/ (guest post)
Feb. 18 - Families.com (http://www.families.com/)
Feb. 19 - Buzz the Book http://www.buzzthebook.blogspot.com/ (book spotlight)
Feb. 20 - The Book Stacks http://www.thebookstacks.com/ (guest post)
Feb. 21 - The Dark Phantom http://www.thedarkphantom.wordpress.com/ (book spotlight)
Feb. 22 - Blogcritics http://www.blogcritics.org/
Feb. 26 - Paperback Writer http://www.rebecca2007.wordpress.com/ (interview)
Feb. 27 - Loaded Questions http://www.loadedquestions.blogspot.com/ (interview)

"It's been a lot of hard work preparing for the tour," Marchetta tells BRBTV, "but fun, too; and certainly interesting for me. It's a whole new cyber world."

Indeed. You can also learn more about Marchetta in our interview with her in the BRBTV reference book "Destination: Dallas."

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camille said...

Thank you, Billy Rae. I hope to catch up with you again on our travels. Camille