Monday, February 11, 2008

Found around the web, for some shopping fun ...


- OK, there were only 19 minutes left on this at press time, but they're too darling not to pass along ... J.R. Ewing earrings
- The Hirschfeld books are good reading for any "Dallas" fan, highlighting the action in the first few years of the series ... Trio of books by Burt Hirschfeld
- C'mon, admit it -- you've always wanted to own one of these ... Can of J.R. Ewing Beer


- So sweet, that Krystle was ... Krystle perfume vial card
- Who says her appeal isn't absolutely enduring? ... Photographs of Joan Collins
- Some good vintage reading ... The Authorized Biography of the Carringtons

"The Dukes of Hazzard"

- These little guys aren't necessarily easy to snag ... TV tray
- Everybody's gotta have this in their collection ... Lunchbox
- In tribute to those other Duke cousins ... Coy and Vance color photo

"Santa Barbara"

- BRB was just looking at her copy of this one over the weekend; it's fun ... Tribute mag by Daytime TV
- The shirt itself says it all; no lead-in required! ... T-shirt
- The show had a fun alternate title in Germany ... California Clan soundtrack

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