Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Billy Dee Williams, Jack Coleman do the interview circuit

Life can be good in the post-"Dynasty" world, many of the primetime hit's cast members are showing us. Beyond the highly publicized "Legends" stage romp of two of The Big Three, Joan Collins and Linda Evans, you also have the steady careers of their costars, Jack Coleman and Billy Dee Williams.

The fall TV schedule is going to be starting soon, and that means the opportunity to watch Jack Coleman, once again, in his role as Noah Bennett, father to the invincible Claire, on NBC's highly imaginative "Heroes." Coleman discusses his character, still affectionately known as Horn Rimmed Glasses, in a recent interview with Kyle Braun:


Williams, meanwhile, landed a great gig on the recently launched "General Hospital" spinoff "Night Shift," airing on SoapNet. Williams talks about his career, which has been varied and robust, with interviewer Kam Williams:


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