Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Slater does L.A. con, and a JLA flick in the works?

Helen Slater may have been the lovely blond Supergirl on the big screen, but to us fans of "Batman: The Animated Series," she's the voice of Talia, daughter of the sinister egomaniac Ra's Al Ghul.

Slater will be appearing at the Los Angeles Comic Book and SciFi Convention on September 23:

Slater, who's kept up some roles here and there in the past few years, starred earlier this year in an episode of "Crossing Jordan."

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the "B: TAS" realm ... is there a JLA film in the works? No, we're not talking about a larger movie take on the fabbo animated series brought to you by some of the same folks who did "B: TAS," in keeping with the recent "Superman: Doomsday" production. We're talking live-action here. Are you cringing, because you're thinking about the hideous and lowly regarded Justice League TV movie of a few years back? Well, consider the recent Batman and Superman big-screen incarnations ... that should help. And read more about it at

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