Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This saloon might be destined to be a "Dukes" fan destination

It's a place where the ladies really do wear dazyduks and the bartender'll serve you up a real order of moonshine ...

Sound like Hazzard County? Well, it's a little slice of Hazzard in ... Miami?

The Daisy Duke Saloon, as it's fondly called, has opened for business in Florida, and here amid the dozens of framed pictures on the wall of the lovely Catherine Bach, you can sit back, watch a game, and perchance dream that Bo, Luke and Uncle Jesse are going to walk through the door any second.

Wanna hear the drink specials? The Miami Herald will tell ya all about it:

(And hey -- if you go, email a photo to the BRBTV News Blog. We'd love to show everyone what the place looks like!)

BRBTV News Blog Blip: There's still time to bid on a fabbo "Dallas" collectible on eBay. The swimsuit that Lucy Ewing wore for her Inside Sports photo shoot (which Charlene Tilton herself will sign) is for sale on the auction site:

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