Monday, August 06, 2007

Them Duke boys keep the roles a-comin' ...

OK, we're hitting a "Dukes of Hazzard" news spurt, so it's going to take us two days to cover it all.

Today, let's talk John Schneider. (And really, let's talk John Schneider every day, shall we?) The gals over at the All-John blog are always on-it when it comes to our boy Bo Duke.

Renee reports that the website for Schneider's new film "Sydney White" (opening next month) is up, with poster, stills, and trailer:
Schneider plays Paul White in the film, which is a modern retelling of the "Snow White" tale, set in a college sorority system. Amanda Bynes has the title role.

And Carrie reports that the trailer for his upcoming film "Conjurer" is at YouTube:
This is a horror flick directed by Clint Hutchison and written by David Yarbrough.

Also on tap for Schneider, we'll just warn ya (because we can hardly keep up!) are:
Terminal Trap
Shark Swarm
(And can we help but detect the faint scent of a Saturday-night Sci Fi Channel creature-feature with that second one? Schneider's in great company with Daryl Hannah and Armand Assante on board, too.)

Major meow on that! But we couldn't leave this post just at the John-John news, now could we? Bo's cuz Luke is in the news now, too, for the latest role in his longtime, successful Broadway career. Tom Wopat is returning to "Chicago" tomorrow, August 7:


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, the shark film is for the Hallmark Channel! Something different for them, huh?

Renee said...

Wowzers! My OTHER favorite channel! (Next to Lifetime, and all their amnesia-victim-killer-spouse-somebody-stole-my-baby movies!)