Monday, August 13, 2007

Hair Dare Dukes Days: What a weekend!

Welcome to Monday, and welcome to the beginning of a full week of coverage of the weekend's Hair Dare Dukes Days in hot 'n' sunny Ontario, Canada!

We had 'em comin' in from all over the place for this celebration of all things orange 'n' "01" -- Ohio, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Georgia, even New Zealand! We had the boisterous Byron (Coy Duke) Cherry, the still-lumbering Don Pedro (Sheriff Little) Colley, the entertaining and highly personable Paul Casey, and silly little BRB herself. And amid the sea of beautiful, classic cars from the "Dukes of Hazzard" realm, from other corners of the pop-culture world, and from the just-plain-classic-car-world in general, we had all kinds of fun. We had Will Rodgers (yes, that's his name) doing fabbo imitations of all the "Dukes" characters, joined by Billy on stage, we had Sheriff Little outta control riding a kids' scooter around the grounds (look for that photo later this week!), we had an-attendee-who-will-remain-nameless grabbing our own Coy Duke's nicely preserved behind numerous times, and we had Lees, Lees and more Lees. What more can you ask for?!

But this event wasn't just a time to get together and get all crazy about the "Dukes." Paul Harrington of the Canadian Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club raised some good solid cash for the Canadian Cancer Society, shaving his head for the cause -- and even inspiring his little girl Sarah to cut her hair short for the very first time! She raised $2,100 just on her own. Check out the first two photos below, of Sarah getting her very long braid nipped off! She's joined by her dad Paul on the right, and mom Cheryl is on the left.

Very special thanks go out to Paul for all he does on the show. This is the fifth annual event, and he pays for a great deal of it out of his own pocket so that the Cancer Society can get as much as possible. He demonstrates what it means to be a Duke (and hey, just ask him about the criminal he caught in downtown Leamington on Saturday night!).

We're dishin' out the photos all week from the Hair Dare Dukes Days, so stay tuned! (Tomorrow: Byron Cherry, life of the party!)

Lots of folks took the "Hair Dare" over the weekend for a good cause.

It certainly was enough that Paul Casey, two-time entertainer of the year in Vegas, wore this cool black Johnny Cash shirt on Sunday, but then he went and sang "Folsom Prison Blues"!!! Meow!

So does having a name like Will Rodgers just automatically oblige you to a career in entertainment? Hmmm ... This Will Rodgers, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, shown here at the special celebrity dinner at Colasanti's Tropical Gardens on Friday night, wowed the crowd with dead-on imitations of "Dukes" characters like Rosco, Boss Hogg, Bo and Luke. An avid "Dallas" fan, as well, he opened up a big-ole geek vortex with BRB and fellow attendee Kevin, discussing Bobby, Pam, the shower scene, the Lee Raintree book and a whole lotta other Southfork stuff!

Doesn't the 501st just rock!?! They do a show like this just about every weekend, one member told BRBTV. And don't worry -- in the midst of the 90-degree heat they had fans inside those things to keep 'em cool!

Before we knew it, a song broke out ... and yes, they sure were some "Good Ole Boys" ... Paul Casey, with Byron Cherry and Don Pedro Colley, meeting and greeting at the Friday-night din-din.

We can have nothing but admiration for a shirt like this. Billy says he got it at a shop in Pigeon Forge. (That's Mark 16:15, by the way.)

Jason, the "Duke of Duke," as BRBTV likes to call him, checks under the hood of his Lee at the Comfort Inn in Leamington before the show on Saturday morning.

He was big and strong, that military man who took this shot of BRB in one of the several vehicles on display. (Good thing she jumped up there herself and didn't get his help, though, like when the kindly Derrick helped her through the window of his General Lee later that day -- yikes, that was embarrassing! Lots more slip showing than just the tiny sliver here! She'll leave that famous window hop to Bo and Luke!)

Colasanti's Tropical Gardens, the site of the Hair Dare Dukes Days, also featured some fun face painting for the kids.

All photos by BRB, except that one of BRB in the military vehicle. Share photos with credit if you like, and if you would like higher-resolution copies, just email us.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Especially the one of you! :-)


Cousin Don said...

What a great weekend BRB... fun was had by all.... some jsu thad alittle bit MORE fun then others!LOL

"Cousin Don".
PS. hope you had a safe trip home.. or at least however far you made it today... said...

Thanks, Renee. And thanks, Cuz (that's what I used to call my own cuz, ya know). I did make it safely, thank God. Just had to go to Bro's in mid-Michigan. I skipped out early on Paul before the photos, though -- forgive, Paul? You haven't answered my apology email yet!

Tomorrow ... action shots of Byron and the amazing ZEALAND!!!!!

Cousin Don said...

Don't forget the legendary Turd... and its amazing owner!! :D

Tammy Seiber said...

Just wanted to say we had a very fun weekend, Thanks for autographing Dylan's Book. Byron Cherry is a really nice guy. Our boys Dylan 11 and Hunter 2 thought "Sheiff Little" was very funny, Well worth the long 9 hour drive from Tennessee. said...

Thanks, Tammy. So glad you guys were able to make it! It was a great time to chat with folks, not too crowded, lots of good "Dukes" stories from Byron and Don Pedro. Thanks for making the drive.

TPyne said...

It was great to meet you. Thank you for the kind words

We had a blast entertaining the kids and chatting to everyone.

The other 501st troops and I had a great time and want to come out again next year.

We still have pictures coming in but you are welcome to what we have if you want them.

Tim said...

Thanks, Tim! You guys are fun! Yes, photos would be great, as we can always use 'em on this very blog! Just email to, and see ya next year!