Friday, April 25, 2008

Bits 'n' Pieces: Heather Locklear changes locales, and it's definitely news!

We've got three of the four core BRBTV shows covered in today's Bits 'n' Pieces From Around the Web ...

Heather Locklear: She's "Flirting With 40" and can't help but flirt with us, too

Ahhhh, the price of fame ... As we noted last week in this very blog, our own Sammy Jo of "Dynasty," Heather Locklear, has been tailed relentlessly by us media types while she's been filming the Lifetime flick "Flirting With 40." Last week it was Alberta, Canada. But this week, the crew has relocated in a warmer climate: Oahu, Hawaii. There have been no shortage of new pics making their way across the World Wide Web, of course, especially since Heather evidently had no prob with striking a special off-screen pose in her trailer ...

Patrick Duffy: Yes, we appreciate you!

Our Bobby Ewing of "Dallas" pops up now and then, and TMZ offers an appreciation for his physical preservation, as well.

Frank Runyeon: By God, you're doing well!

We've reported on this blog before about the Biblical stage performances of Frank Runyeon of "Santa Barbara." This time around, the Hudson Hub-Times in Ohio gives a nice report of Runyeon's performance there.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: If you've been meaning to pick up a copy of BRB's first novel "Rubi" and have just never gotten around to it, now's the time. The book's publisher, PublishAmerica, is offering its entire stock at half off. Instead of the $24.99 listed price for "Rubi," you pay a cool $12.48. Hurry -- the special expires at the end of April. Click over to PA's online store and punch in "Billie Rae Bates."

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