Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get your Archies at this weekend's Free Comic Book Day

From Archie Comics

Thousands of comic book shops around the world will be celebrating the comic book art form on Saturday, May 3. On Free Comic Book Day, more than 2 million comic books will be given away by participating stores, introducing as many people as possible to the wonders of comic books!

Now in its seventh year, Free Comic Book Day has proven to be a smashing success, spreading the word that comics are terrific reading.

Stop by your local comic book shop and pick up a copy of each of the two offerings from Archie Comics, original content created just for Free Comic Book Day…

by Craig Boldman & Stan Goldberg
"Night At The Entertainment Museum !"—Jughead lands his dream job as a night watchman at the famous Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore , but some of the exhibits are not what they seem. Mysterious things happen after hours! And when the museum's one-of-a-kind items are replaced with identical look-alikes, it's up to Archie and friends to unravel the clues and set things right! Especially since one of those items is Jughead!
32 pages, full-color

Representing the very first Sonic the Hedgehog comic from 1992…
by Mike Gallagher & Dave Manak
Sonic the Hedgehog has been speeding his way through video games, TV, and comic books since 1992! He is undoubtedly one of the biggest cultural icons throughout the world. Now, Archie Comics is paying homage to the blue blur by taking us back to where it all began. With the overwhelming success and popularity of the Sonic Archives reprint series, we are proud to bring you a reprint of the first-ever Sonic comic from the ongoing series: Sonic The Hedgehog #1! In honor of this year’s Free Comic Book Day, Archie is re-releasing the classic stories from this prized issue, but with a special bonus: the cover will be completely re-imagined with a modern “spin” by current Sonic artist, SPAZ!
32 pages, full-color

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