Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pamela Sue Martin reunites with her fellow detective

Frank Hardy and Nancy Drew on-screen together again? That'll surely sell, at least with those who love classic TV like we do! Parker Stevenson (who, incidentally, voiced the role of Paxton Powers in our beloved "Batman Beyond") and Pamela Sue Martin, our own original Fallon Carrington of "Dynasty," will star in a new movie, now filming and due out later this year.

"McTaggart's Fortune" is an adventure story about lost treasure, directed and written by Gary Ambrosia. Stevenson portrays Richard Heywood and Martin's character is Sgt. Jeanine Bowman. The movie's been filming in Monterey, California.

And speaking of "Dynasty," be sure to catch the monthly polls on the Ultimate Dynasty site, most specifically this month's poll, which asks you who is the most handsome of the male "Dynasty" stars. And don't just check the poll, vote for Bo Hopkins! Because he's just plain hot! (We always did dig that Marlboro Man type.)

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