Thursday, April 24, 2008

Marilu Henner says you can "Wear it Well"

She's a vivacious redhead, and she voiced a vivacious redhead on "Batman: The Animated Series," "The New Batman Adventures" and the accompanying feature movies. She's Marilu Henner, whom we know as socialite and Bruce Wayne pal Veronica Vreeland. Of course, long before that, she was Elaine on "Taxi."

Besides turning 56 earlier this month, Henner released a new book. A best-selling author of the self-help genre, Henner's latest is "Wear Your Life Well: Use What You Have to Get What You Want." And a new book means book-signings, which is what she was doing in Madison, Connecticut, the other night, as evidenced by the Pictorial Gazette.

"Time is on your side," Henner told those assembled at the Madison bookstore. "You're never too old or too young to be feeling better than you do right now. You can be even better than you are today a year from now if you really get on this path to health."

(The Gazette's account, by the way, includes references to two other BRBTV femmes -- Catherine Bach of "The Dukes of Hazzard" and Victoria Principal of "Dallas," though we'll forgive the fact that "The Dukes" wasn't quite on the air yet in the referenced year, 1978.)

Henner will appear in a Lifetime movie this summer, and she's got a big career in her healthy online classes at

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