Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Love Fallon's red glittery dress? The gavel is rising ...

Wowzers, and it's even in BRB's size ... The latest celebrity goods to grace the pages of auction powerhouse eBay is a selection of original wardrobe pieces from our beloved "Dynasty." Thanks to the "Dynasty" forum on SoapChat for the head's-up:

Fallon's red glittery dress from the opening credits
Now this one is a true icon. Who could forget that shot of Pamela Sue Martin in the opening credits, the one that Emma Samms could never really duplicate? Yes, this is the dress ... the dress. (And red is BRB's favorite color? Have we mentioned that????? Major-heckin'-meow!) Who knew those were tiny little bugle beads! Beware; there's some loss of beading -- don't worry, Ms. Martin, we'll let ya keep 'em. The auction closes Saturday. Can you believe there's only been one bid, as of post time? Oh, the humanity!!!!!!

Alexis' negligee and nightgown from episode 161, January 1987, worn in a scene with Ben Carrington
We're fine with not commenting any further on this one; we're still rather verklempt about the red sequined dress.

Krystle's gown for the Black and White Ball, December 1986

Heritage Auction Galleries, which deals in a whole mess-a celebrity stuff, is behind all of this debauchery. To see just their "Dynasty" items, click here:

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Tomorrow marks 30 years since "Dallas" first hit the airwaves. The Daily Record in the U.K. is taking note of that fact with an appreciation and 30 fun facts about the series.

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