Monday, April 28, 2008

Bits 'n' Pieces: It's all about "Dallas"

Turning 30 is a mighty big event, and "Dallas" is gathering a Texas-size helpin' of HTML because of it. Here are a few things we've seen, for our occasional Bits 'n' Pieces From Around the Web feature ...

- Yes, it was a great show. We know that. Evidently the staffers at the New York Post know it, too, voting the show No. 7 on their list of the 35 Best Shows on TV -- Ever. We also appreciate their inclusion of David Lynch's fab "Twin Peaks," "Gunsmoke," "Star Trek," "Seinfeld" and ABC's good-ole "GH.'

- Didya know "Dallas" won the Cold War for capitalism? That's what Larry Hagman said, according to the Washington Post. "'Dallas' wasn't simply a television show," the story says. "It was an atmosphere-altering cultural force." The East got to see, in J.R. Ewing et. al, the high-livin' of the West. We just love these cultural analyses of the power of television.

- Finally, Linda Gray and the aforementioned Larry Hagman, our own Sue Ellen and J.R. Ewing, have been out and about together. They traveled to the Punchestown Races in Ireland over the weekend to judge the Newbridge Silverware Best Dressed Lady competition, as reported by the Independent. (And hey, we're glad to hear that wild animal is sooooo in this season, as evidenced in her "impossibly high Fendi leopard-skin shoes" and his "python skin cowboy boots."

BRBTV News Blog Blip: This sleuth is so couth ... "Nancy Drew Gets a Clue" in this week's installment in the My Mother's Clothing yearlong photo project.

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