Thursday, October 23, 2008

Archie Americana Series continues on into the '90s

From Archie Comics

Since 1991, the Archie Americana Series has provided fans with not only a historical perspective of Archie Comics, but a hysterical one as well! Now, one of the comic industry's most enduring graphic novel series returns for a ninth volume full of nostalgic fun as Archie Comics proudly presents THE ARCHIE AMERICANA SERIES: BEST OF THE NINETIES!

By popular demand, we're serving up a heaping helping of the decade that led up to the millennium, one of the most interesting and hilarious decades ever for America 's favorite comic book teens: the 1990s. Whether getting tangled up in the eternal love triangle, incurring the wraths of their parents and teachers, or simply surfing the day away on the worldwide web, Archie and his friends scaled new heights of hilarity in the nifty Nineties! With ARCHIE AMERICANA SERIES: BEST OF THE NINETIES, you can revisit these timeless tales as Archie and his friends endure one outlandish mishap after another and enjoy the fads and fashions of the decade!

Painstakingly restored from original archival materials and faithfully recolored, this high-grade paperback edition features a computer-airbrushed cover rendered in 1990s style by Archie fan-favorite, Rex Lindsey. So rock out to the sensational sounds of boy bands, grunge and alternative music; chow down with the fat free dessert craze; laugh your head off at silly talk radio, and hook up your satellite dish so you can enjoy purple dinosaurs, funny home videos, teens from Beverly Hills and more! It’s all here and then some in this uproarious edition chock full of comedy classics!

On sale at comic specialty shops: October 29, 2008
On sale on newsstands: November 11th, 2008
96-page, full-color graphic novel
$11.95 U.S.

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