Monday, October 13, 2008

Writer / producer offers his take on the modern-day Ewings in "Dallas: The Gathering"

Ever wonder what the various folks of our beloved "Dallas" would be doing nowadays, 10 years after the last small-screen check-in with them, "Dallas: War of the Ewings"? One writer has decided to take on that vision. Bryan J. Kinnaird, writer / director / executive producer of "The Villikon Chronicles: Genesis of Evil" and author of "Hellbox," plans to release the e-novella "Dallas: The Gathering" this fall.

"First it will run on UD (Ultimate Dallas) exclusively in a page-turning program, and then it will be available for FREE download as a PDF," Kinnaird tells fans on the "Dallas" forum on SoapChat. "Gotta love that technology! Let's see what the fans think before we commit to how long the series will run, but this mini-shot will surprise all, and I think you'll be wildly surprised!"

If Kinnaird has his way, though, his ideas will go in some other key directions. "I've thrown 'Dallas: The Gathering' into the mix as a contender for a much-talked-about third television film, meant to relaunch the 'Dallas' brand as a next-generation TV series in the same vein as recent retrofits of '(Beverly Hills) 90210' and 'Knight Rider.' As part of the pitch, I’m also serving this mini-graphic opus, “Dallas: Gathering for the Departed,” as inspired by the feature-length script “Dallas: The Gathering.”

Read more about the "Gathering" e-novella here, and read more about Kinnaird's other projects here.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: The media have been all over next month's "Dallas" 30th anniversary reunion like a big-ole Persian rug on the Southfork parlor floor. When the reunion was first announced several weeks back, it spread like wildfire through every news agency imaginable. Now, the Associated Press has done a check-in with Larry Hagman and his wife Maj at Southfork, and that story is spreading all over the place again. The AP took some nice fresh photos, too; see it all here.

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