Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bits 'n' Pieces: Let's play catch-up with a few "Dallas" femmes

- Linda Gray, our own Sue Ellen Ewing, has a video from her appearance on the WB's brand-new "90210" on her official website, in case you missed it:

- Get a glimpse of Kate Mulgrew, our own Garnet McGee of "Dallas," in the stage production of Equus" last month, co-starring with Daniel Radcliffe, the big screen's "Harry Potter":

- Susan Lucci, our own Hillary Taylor / Sheila Foley of "Dallas," has some minute-by-minute and behind-the-scenes coverage of her spin on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" on her official site:

- Switching gears from the "Dallas" femmes to a "Santa Barbara" darling, Robin Wright Penn is in the news again, but not for some fab red-carpet movie premiere. Our own original Kelly Capwell is joining some other "three-named stars" to promote a scholarship for a needy New York resident through the New York Times Company Foundation’s College Scholarship Program. Read the press release at PR-USA.net.

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