Thursday, October 02, 2008

When we say the gang's all there, well, the gang's really all there!

Ummm ... Wowza -- that's about all we can say about the Hollywood Collectors Show, happening this weekend in Burbank, California. The celebrity autograph event is a well-stocked buffet of classic TV stars, including many from the shows of BRBTV ...

- Linda Evans, our Krystle Carrington of "Dynasty." Yes, evidently that Chiller Theatre engagement later this month is not the only con event she's getting into these days!

- Pamela Sue Martin, our original Fallon Carrington of "Dynasty."

- Gordon Thomson, a BRBTV double-shot as the final Mason Capwell on "Santa Barbara" and Adam Carrington on "Dynasty."

- Tracy Scoggins, Monica Colby of "The Colbys" and "Dynasty" and Anita Smithfield of the "Dallas" movies.

- Deborah Shelton, Mandy Winger on "Dallas."

- Sheree J. Wilson, April Stevens on "Dallas."

- Christopher Atkins, Peter Richards on "Dallas."

- Michele Scarabelli, the scary Connie chick who terrorized Ray Krebbs on "Dallas."

Is your head spinning yet? For the complete rundown of the show, which happens at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, visit

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