Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Charlene Tilton and daughter bring on "The Fish"

She may be traveling to the U.K. and dipping into panto, but Charlene Tilton is doing what she can to keep the projects going on this side of the pond, too. Our former Lucy Ewing of "Dallas" has a new TV series scheduled for next year.

"The Fish," billed as "not another reality show," will feature Tilton as "the Crazy One." She's joined by her daughter, Cherish Lee, in the show. Cherish, born in August 1982 (ironically, just after Lucy was dealing with the Roger situation, and just before the character learned she was pregnant), has done a little other acting.

Brigitte Nielsen also stars in this story of "what happens when actors and writers go on strike." The comedy is directed by Demetrius Navarro and written by Ryan Glasgow. See the promo video on YouTube.

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