Friday, December 19, 2008

Digest offers Jughead fans a chance to see "what if"

From Archie Comics

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “What would have happened if I’d only done this differently?” Or, “This could have gone in a totally different direction if only I had said…”

Well, here’s your chance to put that “what if” concept into action by choosing the direction of the lead story in January’s JUGHEAD & FRIENDS DIGEST #31!

That’s right: “Banana Split Decision” is decided by you, the reader! Jughead simply doesn’t want to pay up on the empty promise he made to Ethel to take her out on a date.

That’s where you come in. As you read the story, you can alternate between pages depicting two separate directions: one where Jughead ducks into Dilton’s laboratory to avoid Ethel; the other where Jughead toughs it out and actually goes on the date with Ethel! Each choice leads to another and another… and is of course packed with laughs and adventure! Best of all, you can read the story more than once and not come up with the same story twice! How’s that for double the fun?!

SCRIPT AND ART: Fernando Ruiz.
On sale at comic specialty shops: January 21, 2009
On sale on newsstands: February 3, 2009
88-page, full-color digest
$2.49 U.S.

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