Monday, December 22, 2008

Sonny Shroyer is looking at a good 2009

When we're weren't looking, Sonny Shroyer, our sweet ole Enos Strate of "The Dukes of Hazzard," snuck himself in a bunch of new projects ...

"Fast" is scheduled for release next year and is currently filming. Shroyer portrays Sam Right, and Ritchie Greer is writing, directing and starring in the movie.

"Opening Day" is due for release on April 4 of next year. It comes from Film Systems International and was shot in Mobile, Alabama. Shroyer is Ray Hampton in the flick. The first part of a quite-long plotline on the IMDb: "The War on Terror grinds slowly forward. Gavin Wallace does his part, serving with his National Guard unit; performing his tedious, dangerous duty in the hot gritty deserts and dirty streets of Iraq. The daily exposure to physical and psychological hazards so far from home takes its toll - even in the company of brothers in arms. Finally Gavin received his orders for discharge and heads stateside for clearing."

"Our Child Is Missing" also features Dean Cain, which makes us wonder ... ummmmm, is it one of those Sci Fi Channel Saturday-night creature features we love so much? Probably not. it's written and directed by Lance W. Dreesen and due out next year. Shroyer is Ed Walker.

"Van Wilder 3" is another 2009 project, and it's classified as completed. This one's a comedy, and Linden Ashby is also on board.

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