Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Church Lady"? Should Harley Jane Kozak worry if that's typecasting?

She's indulged her love for writing mystery novels in recent years, but to us "Santa Barbara" fans, Harley Jane Kozak will always be the sweet but sensible nun who left the convent, Mary Duvall.

Now Kozak has stepped back into the acting world with "The Red Queen," scheduled for release this year. Shooting in Texas, the movie is written and directed by David Carren, and it features Kozak as the "Church Lady." Hmmm ....

The plotline from the IMDb:
"Gabriella Salinas has spent her entire life yearning for a connection with her mother, who died during childbirth at the remote St. Amelia's Mission on the muddy banks of the Rio Grande. Desperate to know where she came from, Gabby has been pressing her father, Jose Salinas, for details all her life. But the man refuses to tell his daughter anything more than her mother was a poor immigrant from Nicaragua and that he's a foster kid from Santa Fe. When Gabby uses the Internet to search for information on her maternal heritage, she sets in motion a series of events that transforms her life and upends her world. As Gabby reels from learning her entire life is a lie, she still continues her pursuit of the truth. Despite many trials and obstacles, and determined and dangerous opponents, Gabby Salinas finally gains the connection with her mother that she has always desired."

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