Friday, December 26, 2008

Harley Jane Kozak makes "A Date You Can't Refuse"

The adventures continue for Wollie Shelley, the protagonist who emerged from the brain of Harley Jane Kozak, our own Mary Duvall of "Santa Barbara." Our favorite novelist is now all set to release the next book in the Shelley series, "A Date You Can't Refuse."

The book's plotline from Amazon:
"Serial dater and greeting-card artist Wollie Shelley goes undercover in a media-training company suspected of video piracy, but when a dead body appears on the company’s property, she’s caught up in a conspiracy that goes way beyond some stolen DVDs. Wollie Shelley isn’t happy about taking the job as a “social coach” at MediaRex, but the FBI makes her an offer she can’t refuse. If she agrees to infiltrate the company, they’ll guarantee that her schizophrenic brother will have a home at the federally subsidized halfway house he’s come to love. So Wollie launches into teaching three foreign celebrities how to cope with the customs of Beverly Hills, improve their English, and become Oprah-ready. And when a coyote-chewed corpse appears in the MediaRex compound, Wollie realizes that her colleagues are concealing some serious secrets of their own."

The book is published by Broadway and releases on March 17, 2009. You can order it now for $16.47 from Amazon.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Isn't it ironic that a talented songstress whose trademark tune was "Santa Baby" would choose Christmas as the day she departs ... Ms. Eartha Kitt, who lived a good full life of 81 years, died of cancer yesterday. As Catwomen go, Kitt had not only the fab last name to recommend her -- she also had a considerable more snarl, a seething sultriness, and the slinkier feline mannerisms we're quite sure future Catwomen such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Adrienne Barbeau and even Halle Berry drew heavily from.

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