Friday, December 05, 2008

John Wesley Shipp takes on the "Karma Police"

It's been quite a few years since he shared scenes with Kristen (Victoria Lane) Meadows as tennis hunk Martin Ellis on "Santa Barbara," but John Wesley Shipp is still looking good. At least that's what we read from anybody who's seen the latest film of "Dawson's dad," who is also quite well-known as ABC's '90s "The Flash."

"Karma Police" is a crime drama that's been making the rounds at film festivals in the past few months. The movie, directed by John Venable and written by Greg Beauchamp and Jay Gormley, is about "the world's largest secret organization, the Karma Police," which recruits all-around good guy Charles West as their newest agent, giving him the power to reward good and punish evil. Shipp plays Barrington Freeman in the movie.

The movie comes out on DVD in February. Learn more, and watch Shipp in the trailer at the movie's site, or visit the MySpace page.

Shipp is also involved in "Port City," scheduled for release next year: "Several stories interweave, chronicling the lives, loves and adventures of a group of diverse, inter-related characters in and around the port city of Wilmington, NC." Shipp is George in the film and shares the screen with former "Full House"-r Jodie Sweetin. It was shooting in Wilmington this summer; the local paper, the Star-News, covered it.

Finally, Shipp will be starring in the action-thriller movie "The Ninja," which will be filming in Geelong, Victoria, by Film Source Australia director Rob Baard. The local paper also has this one covered.

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