Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ray Wise moves on from "Reaper"

You might have wondered what Ray Wise was going to do after that fairly plum role on the CW's "Reaper." Well, we can answer that question for this enigmatic former Blair Sullivan of "Dallas" and Spiros Koralis of "The Colbys" whom we adored on "Twin Peaks."

"Iodine" is a drama that filmed in Ontario and is scheduled for release in 2009. The plotline from the IMDb: "John Clem heads north to investigate the disappearance of his father and follows in his footsteps." Wise portrays Avery.

"Stuntmen" gets Zachary Levi, the star of NBC's "Chuck," out onto the big screen. Eric Amadio writes, directs and appears as a cameraman. The plotline from the IMDb: "When the industry's two biggest stuntmen are nominated for Stuntman of the Year, an over-ambitious documentarian reignites a dormant rivalry between the two men that results in an all-out press war." Wise appears as Jack Strongbow.

In "Infestation," Wise is Ethan - Cooper's father, and the plotline is intriguing, to say the least: "A slacker awakes to find himself weak and wrapped in a webbing; after realizing that the world has been taken over by giant alien insects, he wakes a ragtag group of strangers and together they fight for survival." It has filmed in Bulgaria.

"Pandemic" is due out any time. Wise is Gen. Matthews in this drama directed by Jason Connery and written by Aaron Pope.

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