Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Dukes" fans have a couple opportunities to cruise in style

If you're a "Dukes of Hazzard" fan, you know it's so-much about the car (we won't say ALLLLL about the car, because there's an occasional "Dukes" fan out there who actually doesn't own a General Lee, ya know?). If it's about the car, it's about cruising, and if it's about cruising, it's about cruising in style. A couple things recently came up on the radar to that effect ...

- The time of DukesFest is drawing so near! It's really only a couple weeks away now! How crazy is that? If you're not one of those aforementioned lucky ones who has his or her own General Lee, perhaps you'll be looking for some other wheels to take to the show. ALLSTARS Limousine Service of Atlanta has a suggestion for you. They've got a special going for the 2008 DukesFest and Hazzard County Fair.

- Can you believe it? It's already time to start thinking about the Hillbilly Woodstick Dukes of Hazzard Cruise, now in its third year. Wayne Wooten and Co. swoop by several Southern locales again this year, from Trenton, Georgia, to Hickory, North Carolina. The fun starts on October 17.

BRBTV News Blog Blip: Father was great, but June Cleaver knows best, ya know. Check out this week's installment in BRB's yearlong My Mother's Clothing project.

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